Develop and collect qualified data about your local communities using a gallery of personalized applications and forms

Create and distribute response applications in a few clicks

You have access to a gallery of responsive applications compatible with Facebook, Web and mobile iFrame (quiz, psychology test, contest, etc.). Our Click&Spray® technology lets you distribute your applications on hundreds of your sales outlet Facebook pages with one click and to recruit and qualify local communities. With Click&Spray® you can also distribute applications you have developed.

Consolidate data

Access, centralize and consolidate all data gathered from locally organized operations without losing any and be able to use them effectively. Depending on access rights, the chain, regional directors or sales outlet managers can export the data when they choose.

Analyze the impact of your applications

You have an analysis interface for each of your applications to see local results by sales outlet and cluster as well as at the national level. You can analyze quantitative statistics (number of players, replay rate, number of options, etc.) as well as qualitative statistics (socio-demographic data, profiling, popularity of interactions, etc.).

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Install your custom governance system and effectively manage your local presence on social networks.

Optimize your community management in accordance with local needs in conjunction with your sales outlets.

Create advertising campaigns and amplify your reach over the marketing areas of your sales outlets.

Converse with your local communities and respond to opinions, messages and comments quickly and easily.


Develop and gather qualified data about your local communities using a gallery of personalized applications and forms.

Measure and analyze your local performance by sales outlet or for the entire network.