Optimize community management in accordance with local needs in coordination with your sales outlets.

Manage your community management together

A calendar is shared by all the members of your network. You can easily see all information scheduled to be published on the social networks by your sales outlets at the local level and modify, validate and submit them for validation using various workflow scenarios adapted to your governance system.

Centralize your content in the Media Gallery

You can provide sales outlet and franchise managers with all of your media, photos and videos content as well as proposals for publications ready for posting and adapted to specific locations. As a result, you facilitate the community management effort of your sales outlets and can be assured that they will distribute consistent and validated content.

Easily provide targeted multiple-page publications

With our Clusters technology, group your sales outlets by common attributes (e.g., open on Sunday, school holiday schedules, available products, geographic zones) to facilitate distribution of publications for a large number of sales outlets in one click. It provides total statistics for individual or groups of sales outlets.

Increase the production of local content

With our mobile application available for iOS and Android, franchisees, managers and employees at sales outlets can easily generate local content from their smartphone (photos, videos and publications) and provide information about their sales outlet on a daily basis. All content is subject to validation by the chain or the director/regional manager and is available in the shared media gallery.

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Install your custom governance system and effectively manage your local presence on social networks.


Optimize your community management in accordance with local needs in conjunction with your sales outlets.

Create advertising campaigns and amplify your reach over the marketing areas of your sales outlets.

Converse with your local communities and respond to opinions, messages and comments quickly and easily.

Develop and gather qualified data about your local communities using a gallery of personalized applications and forms.

Measure and analyze your local performance by sales outlet or for the entire network.