Facebook Ads: online ads in physical world


Facebook Ads: online ads in physical world

With over 343 billion of users in Europe, Facebook collects their data to know their shopping habits. The main goal here is to be able to give precise insights to the brands who advertise on Facebook. This way a brand can know if their Facebook Ads has convinced people to go into their stores while targeting a specific audience. It’s no surprise that the Facebook Ads are so popular amongst retailers to engage in social-to-store for all their local stores. According to an infographic from Virginia Peake, 53% of the online marketing budget of retailers is dedicated to Facebook Ads.

#1 Facebook Ads a service constantly updated

The social media is always trying to improve. They have added a couple of features over the years. The latest has to be the three forms of ads into the messenger part of Facebook. Brands can now have a Facebook Ads in Messenger. Nowadays, 1,3 billion of people are using Messenger. In fact, 64 % of Facebook are connected and using Messenger each day. Thus, advertizing in Messenger offers great opportunities.

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One feature appeared at the end of september. It is going to conquer the heart of the retailers worldwide. Facebook now offers the possibility to target an audience which has had interactions with the brand offline. The Facebook Ads can take into account the orders made by phone. Indeed, Facebook Ads can automatically show the latest offers from the brands’ website if the customer has placed an order in the last 30 days or even display these special offers to people who recently went physically to one of the shops. For instance, a clothing brand can use those targeted ads to publish an ad which will show the latest items from the Autumn/Winter collection to those who visited one of the shops. The brand can also decide to exclude the current clients and instead aim for new customers.

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#2 Facebook ads allowing retailers to target a precise audience

Besides providing an important level of engagement, Facebook Ads is the only media which offers very precise targeting options. Indeed, it’s the perfect tool for local awareness. You can select specific stores for each ads and thus target their audience demographically and geographically for each store. You are able to connect with people within a certain radius of the stores and to share with them your local promotions. Facebook also offers the possibility to select the main interests of the people you want to reach and to pick the hours when you want your ads to be displayed. It Increases the total impressions and reach across any store-specific initiatives. Facebook Ads can be used to create buzz in the local communities and finally generates traffic in store.

#3 Facebook gives important tools for retailers

With all the tools which are now available it’s hard to miss on the great opportunities. Whether you’d like to improve the awareness of your brands, increase your reach or the traffic on your website, get more likes on your page or promote one of your posts, there is not much you cannot do on this social media. It can even help you understand better your customers and find out more about who they are and how to get more interaction with them.

You can set your Facebook Ads goal according to your marketing objectives such as:
– Building your online presence
– Creating awareness
– Driving people to your website or Facebook page
– Generating leads
– Boosting your sales
– Earning loyalty

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Thanks to the big data, Facebook is giving important tools to brands so they can adjust their marketing plans for each retail store and every states. Facebook is proving once again to be a marketing tool that cannot be avoided.

What do you think of those Facebook tools? Have you tried using them? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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