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Social networking has profoundly changed the relationship between brands and their customers. Retail chains and franchises cannot avoid this new reality and have discovered this new conversation channel provides a means for creating value and strong ties with their customers. It’s an opportunity for brick-and-mortar stores that continue to lose market share each year to e-commerce and for chains seeking a local presence!

However, when a chain has several dozen or hundreds of sales outlets, it is a headache to manage social networks at the local level. Problems arise when franchisees fail to follow corporate identity guidelines, local managers express views that are not consistent with the chain’s position, the e-reputation is no longer managed, etc.

Ubiq grew out of this observation. Ubiq was founded in 2014 by three friends who are technology and innovation buffs with complementary expertise in operational marketing strategies, sales network management, community management and web development. Some of the largest retail chains now use Ubiq to manage social networking for their local outlets.

Nicolas Vouland


CEO - Head of Product

Richard Maupas

Richard MAUPAS

COO - Digital Strategist

François Colon

François COLON

CTO - Technical Evangelist

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